Reciprocal Roof Marks Soul Fire Farm Expansion

Where the Spirit Meets the Stone I was completely caught off guard. I had seen the plans, heck, I had stamped the plans, but the first time I saw the reciprocal roof framed out, it took my breath away. It’s not hard to see why. This roof design has been used since ancient times and works on so […]

Seeking Peace at the Grafton Peace Pagoda

Seeking Peace This was my view from the top of the Grafton Peace Pagoda. My family and I were humbled to spend a week there recently, helping to maintain both the temple and ourselves. I’m fortunate to call Jun Yasuda a friend and mentor. She is the keeper of the Peace Pagoda and a Japanese Buddhist Nun from the […]

Sense of Place, Recent Travel Abroad

Our family just returned from a trip to Madrid and Paris. This trip was awesome!  We were enticed by the scale and warmth of inviting, walk-able cities.   We were joyful for the playgrounds we explored and were enlightened by the simplicity of daily market life intertwined with world-class art exhibits and music. Upon returning, Rowe (our […]

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