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Affordable Modern Bathroom Design

Affordable Modern Bathroom Design is possible using common materials in creative ways.

Eric Davenport finds inspiration everywhere, and a trip to the hardware store is no exception. Here we show you 3 examples of Affordable Modern Bathroom Design using run-of-the-mill materials, that’s anything but ordinary.

Here’s a great reason to work with an Architect: 

Every Dollar Spent in Design Saves $10 in Construction


1. Soft Warmth

LEAP-Architecture, Affordable Modern-Bathroom-Design

Modern Bathroom Design — Acrylic, Masonite and Plywood.

This powder room has masonite (you know those press-boards with holes in them for hanging tools over workbenches?) on the walls, with an acrylic laminated to a plywood vanity. The acrylic has a white back to reflect light back through the material, giving it a glowing depth while the masonite helps enclose the room in soft warmth. The acrylic, masonite and plywood vanity are inexpensive materials that help save on construction costs: no tile or grout, no complicated millwork, no expensive hardware, and all with a modern feel that sets this experience apart from other rooms in the house.



2. So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Durability and easy-cleaning was the goal, Affordable Modern Bathroom Design

Kids Bathroom -Bright, Durable and Easy to Clean.

This kids’ bathroom has plain white tile from the local hardware store which is used to wrap the vanity, the tub alcove, and the walls all the way to the ceiling.

The mirror is cut flush to the tile joints, and industrial light fixtures finish off the room with a little flair.

Durability and easy-cleaning was the goal, and the affordable price tag of the materials made this design exercise possible – and really fun!




3. ECO-Shiek

Bathroom Vanity, Affordable Modern Bathroom Design

Beautiful, affordable bathroom vanity made from…plywood!

This bathroom vanity is beautifully crafted, designed with thought, and also — ready? — made of plywood. A birch veneer with a sealer has stood up to the moisture and wetness of a bathroom environment for more than five years now (and is still going strong)!

The material costs for the wood, hardware, and sealer were less than $200.



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