Reciprocal Roof Marks Soul Fire Farm Expansion

Where the Spirit Meets the Stone

I was completely caught off guard. I had seen the plans, heck, I had stamped the plans, but the first time I saw the reciprocal roof framed out, it took my breath away. It’s not hard to see why. This roof design has been used since ancient times and works on so many levels.

A reciprocal frame is a self-supporting structure made of three or more beams. Each beam supports the adjacent one and they bear the weight equally. A center support is not needed, enabling a wide-open, circular interior space, perfect for gathering people together. The mandala-like roof will still be visible from the inside after it’s finished, providing a canopy of movement and interest.

Test fitting reciprocal roofing frame








This structure is being built at and by Soul Fire Farm for their new classroom space, which is part of their Fortifying Our Foundations initiative.

In order to keep offering our farmer training and food sovereignty programming, Soul Fire Farm is building a Program Center, Guest Lodge, Classroom, and Commercial Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems. All buildings will be energy efficient, accessible, fire-safe, environmentally sustainable, and bring us up to code.

Reciprocal Roof Framing for new classroom at Soul Fire Farms








Please make a donation if you are able to Fortifying Our Foundation at Soul Fire Farm to help them continue their important work!

*Soul Fire Farm is committed to ending racism and injustice in our food system.