Need a salon architect familiar with spas and salon design? This modern design fit-up showcases custom wooden lights and prominent colors from the sidewalk, enticing new customers. Contact LEAP Architecture for warm, luxurious interior design that improves your revenue.



Salon Architect Offers Modern Design

The clients were impressed and astonished by the amount of traffic generated by passers-by enticed into the welcoming space. The secret: Mystique. The architect designed blue LED-lit panels deep within the space that can still be seen from the street and sidewalk, and turns heads.

How can a salon architect help your business grow?


A client was relocating their salon to a location with much more foot traffic compared to their previous address. A LEAP architect helped them to identify their priorities. It was noted during programming to capitalize on the new location by increasing the number of people to come into the establishment from the sidewalk (typically, salons generate income through appointments with clients – however, this owner wanted to improve product sales).


Mystique. The design of the interior space was developed to entice people inside. How? Seen through the glass entry, lighted panels of bright blue are deep within a warm, enticing space. As people walk by, there attention is grabbed by their curiosity and, like magic, the salon’s foot traffic increased four-fold.

Storefront space utilized large graphics to help viewers at a distance or within cars understand services offered, but the interior design combined the colored panels with good lighting, complimentary materials, and combined them with a calculated walking path to ensure customers had a curated experience.


Modern Architect Approaches Design with Natural Materials, Luxury, and Warmth

The client goals for a high-end, luxurious environment were coupled with the desire to fit AVEDA’s natural product line, so a sustainable modern design approach was a perfect solution. Customers experience a warm, environmentally-conscious space while getting massages, mud applications or hair and nail care with natural products.


From the Architect: Details

Color was an important branding element for AVEDA and Classical Concepts. The green cylinder encloses customers waiting in the massage area; wooden lanterns provide gentle light, and blue highlights behind translucent panels complement sleek fixtures and furniture.

*Project completed while working with Phinney Design Group

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