This is a story of a mudroom addition that turned into so much more. LEAP designed this modern ranch update to incorporate a new mudroom, integrate an existing basement entrance and provide an exterior face-lift.


Modern Ranch Update and Mudroom

Carly and Dean have 2 kids and a dog. What they really needed was space to unload and store shoes, backpacks, wipe the paws of their golden doodle and access their basement. Their new mudroom addition accomplishes those functions and so much more. Working with LEAP, they were able to bring a modern feel to an ’80’s ranch. This meant opening up the space and incorporating more natural light. LEAP was able to understand the family dynamics and design the space to help improve the functionality of the home.

“We had a lot of ideas. Eric helped us focus on what was going to mean the most to us in the long-run.”

Take a Peek Inside this Addition


Addition Interior and Exterior

Inside, you can see the space is light and airy. The black and white walls add a sense of drama, while the use of natural stone on the floors helps ground everything. The two front door entrances are tucked behind the new wood facade, adding light and views of nature, while maintaining privacy from the road. From the outside, this home is no longer an ordinary ranch! There is definitely more curb appeal, with a front deck area for catching the morning sun while enjoying a cup of coffee.

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