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Saratoga Addition: Looking for Modern Architects in Upstate New York?

Saratoga Addition: Modern Architect Designs Abode

A family of four in Saratoga Springs, NY needed an addition for 1,000 square feet to accommodate a family room, dining room, garage, and bedroom with a master suite added onto their existing home in Saratoga Springs, New York. They found the modern architect they were looking for at LEAP.


Here is a Great Example of What Is possible

An affordable solution that integrated green design, craftsmanship, modern design sensibilities, and innovative solutions exceeded client expectations. How? See some of the designs saved the clients money in construction dollars in this Story: Common Materials Used in Creative Designs


Modern Designs That Save Money

The new addition has many features that saved the clients money during construction: the addition is slab over fill instead of costly framing over a crawlspace; the built-ins are made of cost-effective materials (like fabric-wrapped panels for doors, or a bathroom vanity made of plywood)


Modern Architecture: Design Details

The addition is a modern response to the clients desires for innovative materials and brighter spaces with a cohesive interior, while the exterior emphasizes a fresh presence in the neighborhood.


The House, Then the Addition

The existing house (set on the street, green siding with red-orange window frames) has a modern interior that speaks to 1970’s sensibilities. A central fireplace/stove with living space circulating around it as a focal point was a great inspiration for the addition. You can find this project on Clinton Street in Saratoga Springs, NY.

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