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Modern Architect: LEAP’s architects have a reputation for designing otherworldly experiences so their clients can escape into peaceful abodes despite busy city life.


Modern Architect Provides Peace of Mind in a City Apartment Renovation

LEAP’s architect for this project has the experience of designing in Manhattan, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We understand how to provide uncluttered designs so that people can be restful in their homes. At LEAP, a modern architect designs clean details with warm material palettes. Inviting, cozy, uncluttered spaces are essential for city residents to relax.


Planning and Details

Modern materials, their details and form provide a clean, uncluttered space for today’s New York City lifestyles.



Ken Lee, of Habiterra, LLC, renovated the apartment and provided full services for mechanical design, electrical and plumbing installation, millwork builds, and provided a great finished project.


LEAP Architecture

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