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Albany, NY Architect designs a green modern home in Saratoga, NY using natural materials. What can a Green Architect offer you? Reach out and contact us to discuss your goals: contact LEAP


Green Architect Designs Energy Efficient Saratoga Home

Massing of this highly modern design highlights subtleties between varied materials refined into timeless relationships on a woodsy hilltop.

Corrugated metal, white-washed cedar and painted fiber cement board are used for cladding. The three boxes for the garage, public living space, and the private quarters bridging the house are clad in one of the siding systems to differentiate each zone of the building.


Affordable Design Details

The owners delight in high design at an affordable price. They were also open to experimentation with materials. LEAP architects use materials to emphasize a warm, nurturing modernism. Check out how the architect chose materials for this kitchen design to enhance the space while maintaining an affordable budget: (scroll to the bottom of the article for the kitchen featured in this project) COMMON MATERIALS USED IN CREATIVE DESIGNS


The House Plan

The easy floor plan is an innovative example of space efficiency. It also creates alluring passages throughout the home. Cultural expressions of the owners’ Japanese backgrounds also influence the layout. A formal entryway accented with natural elements, a sunken foyer, a bathing area separate from a simple powder room, and hints of site elements all give the house a grounded place within the environment.


Energy Efficiency

Tight envelope design and detailing are keys to a successful high performance building. The architect required that the builder for this project be Energy Star Certified so that framing and air sealing techniques prevent air infiltration and exfiltration. Learn more about how a LEAP architect can help you be more energy efficient when planning and constructing your next project:




*Project completed while working with Taber Studio


Net Zero Energy Strategies

Many buildings designed by LEAP have the potential to achieve net-zero energy use.

Net-zero energy designs produce as much or more than the energy they consume.

NYSERDA has launched its Low-Rise Residential New Construction Program to encourage such buildings, both through financial incentives and technical assistance.

To learn more about how to achieve net-zero energy use, contact LEAP Architecture. Also, you can read about Passive House strategies here:  PASSIVE BUILDING: HIGH PERFORMANCE CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS


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