Permit Set Fires Up Greek Restaurant

Transforming a commercial space—like office to restaurant—requires a permit set to obtain a building permit.  In this story, we helped The Taverna Greek Restaurant obtain their building permit, so they could open their doors faster. 


Open for Business

Congratulations! You’re opening a business, or moving to a better location. You found the perfect spot with plenty of foot traffic. What’s next? Well, in most cases, you need to acquire a building permit from your local town or city. And, in order to get a building permit, you need….a permit set.

What exactly is a permit set, and what goes into it?

A permit set is a set of very basic drawings stamped by a licensed architect. These drawings show the approximate size and shape of the space,  the mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems, and how each system is sized/positioned to meet code. The building department reviews the permit set, and once satisfied, will issue a building permit.

It’s important to understand that the permit set is only for obtaining the building permit. It does not actually communicate any specific information to enable a builder to build it. So if you’re a DIY contractor, or working with a builder on a design/build project, we can provide this set of drawings, stamped by our licensed architect, with a pretty fast turn-around time.

This is what we did for our friends over at The Taverna Greek Restaurant in Albany. They needed to convert an office space into a restaurant, which also had existing apartments above. The space layout had to meet code as a kitchen (cooking equipment), with ventilation, bathroom accessibility and additional fire-wall protection. The Taverna has been up and running for well over a year now, so go check them out for a tasty lunch outing. They are located at  38 S Pearl St, Albany, NY 12207.


Eric Davenport and the owner of Taverna Greek Restaurant. LEAP provided the permit set for change of use & obtaining a building permit.


Examples of Considerations for the Restaurant Permit Set

  • Accessibility requirements
  • Plumbing reconfigurations
  • Mechanical reconfigurations
  • Exhaust and make-up-air must be balanced to the BTUs of the cooking equipment
  • Collaborate with vendors to design ANSIL fire extinguishers
  • Grease trap per code requirements
  • Plumbing and mechanical configurations
  • Exterior building shell penetrations and weatherization
Fire protection
  • Fire rated floor and walls
  • Fire protection higher because of existing building with apartments above


Contact us for a commercial permit set. We show all local codes and requirements right on the plans. This helps you sail through the permitting process.

If you are interested in capitalizing on our design prowess, construction drawings are what you really want! Take a tour of one of our fully designed residences.