Mission Driven: Core Physical Therapy

LEAP Architecture designed Core Physical Therapy’s new treatment center with the same holistic approach they use for clients. Core is a great example of how smart designs help mission driven companies fulfill their purpose. 


Physical Therapy on a Mission

John Murphy is mission drive to provide holistic physical therapy

John Murphy founded Core Physical Therapy to fill a void. A disconnect. He was working for a corporate company where patient-needs just weren’t being met. John knew his patients deserved better. He could do better.

Founding Core in 2001, John made it his mission to help people regain a healthy and pain free body using a holistic, patient-centered approach. Core’s outstanding patient care is reflected in their success. They currently have a team of 15 therapists and a brand-new, purpose-designed facility by LEAP Architecture.

Core is a place patients can count on for great care by understanding staff. It’s a place where patients get better—better than they dreamed possible.  -John Murphy

Mission Driven Design

core physical therapy treatment room

When John called LEAP on December 23, 2017, he was in a little bit of a crunch. His out-of-state design firm was letting him down on some key issues. The major one being—they couldn’t provide design drawings—which are required for permitting and building.  Eric worked like a sugar-fueled elf (well, green tea), readying plans for approval. He got permit set together, changed the design to meet code, rearranged the space to add 5 additional treatment rooms, and updated the lighting using photometrics. John not only received the permit set he needed, the 5 “extra” treatment rooms mean greater availability to his clients and a faster ROI for John’s investment.


Cafe con Therapycore physical therapy opted for a waiting area with a cafe style and feel

As a way to further promote John’s client-center approach, he opted for a cafe-style reception area. Clients are served tea and coffee in comfortable chairs. The warm, burnt-orange accent walls were inspired by his favorite restaurant. In this more social and relaxed setting, staff can interact differently with clients during intake, which allows them to learn more and be more successful in their treatment.

Another positive aspect of this socialibility is referrals.  Referrals and networking are Core’s strongest business generators.

Core’s new space also includes a full-size gym, storage lockers, and office break-room. The interior finishes tie in with the brick building shell, for a comfortable, yet hip vibe. Visit them for yourself! Core Physical Therapy. I think one of John’s therapists sums it up nicely;

The work environment is one of constant learning and growing and I am very excited to be part of the Core team. -Steven Stokes


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