Corporate Office Architect Designs GE Battery Plant in Schenectady, NY

GE required a corporate office architect to re-purposed manufacturing space into a new, highly functional office. LEAP Architecture created the design.

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GE (General Electric) needed ideas for their new battery plant office and administration spaces in Schenectady, NY, and LEAP’s architect designed office space layouts and geometry based on programming and site analysis. As a consultant to MOSAIC Associates, a LEAP architect helped GE determine how to best re-purpose an existing facility on their Schenectady campus.

The result is a responsive design utilizing and new atrium and various shading devices to temper daylight in work areas, and double as the backdrop to a dramatic atrium space. Various office functions needed by GE (project rooms, break-out conference “war” spaces, workstations, docking areas, and presentation and support areas) are sheltered behind various screens of densities determined by programmatic needs. Thus, a dramatic atrium entry was created as an impressive public space that doubled as a very functional design that filters and reflects daylight in the office spaces beyond.



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