Celebrating the Small Wins in 2018

Eric Davenport, Founder of LEAP, takes a moment to reflect on some of the small wins, personal and in business from 2018.

Personal Wins

Eric lifting sequence for clean

Happy New Year! Taking stock of the past year, I’d like to share one of my small 2018 wins: I PR’d my clean!

What does that mean? It’s a weight lifting thing. And no. If you’ve met me in person, I don’t strike you as an avid gym-goer, and certainly not a weight lifter. I’ll never look like Dwayne Johnson (please send help if I do!), but I show up and do my personal best. Which brings me to the gym lingo:“PR” = Personal Record and “Clean” = lift barbell from the floor to the shoulders, and stand. While my clean PR isn’t going to qualify me for any lifting competitions, this milestone is significant in its own right and relates to things we all work for in our lives.

I couldn’t lift this last year, or even last month. I certainly couldn’t when I didn’t go to the gym. I had to build up strength over time, incrementally adding weight, gaining flexibility, and confidence to get that heavy barbell up on my shoulders and ultimately above my head! I’ve learned that big improvements, whether with weights or business, relationships, or design capabilities, require consistent small efforts to achieve success.

Business Wins

LEAP Architecture is growing. We started with small additions and renovations. Through consistent efforts, we’ve grown our abilities to design and manage sophisticated projects for large organizations and companies. Our next big effort is to extend Passive House design practices to a majority of our projects. A Passive House (or NET-Zero) Certified building is defined as producing as much energy as it consumes in 1 year. My Passive House Certification was a bigger effort than I bargained for. The tests were harder than my architecture registration exams, but well worth it.

One of LEAP’s bigger wins in 2018 was designing the first and only NET-Zero Greenhouses in NYS for Capital Roots’ Urban Grow Center.

Capital Roots NET-Zero Greenhouse rendering Troy NY

We look forward to helping companies be on the cutting edge in sustainable design for 2019 and beyond. We’ll celebrate wins, big and small, that help LEAP Architecture fulfill our mission of social, environmental and economic betterment for all.


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