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Reciprocal Roof Marks Soul Fire Farm Expansion

Where the Spirit Meets the Stone I was completely caught off guard. I had seen the plans, heck, I had stamped the plans, but the first time I saw the reciprocal roof framed out, it took my breath away. It’s not hard to see why. This roof design has been used since ancient times and works on so […]

Seeking Peace at the Grafton Peace Pagoda

Seeking Peace This was my view from the top of the Grafton Peace Pagoda. My family and I were humbled to spend a week there recently, helping to maintain both the temple and ourselves. I’m fortunate to call Jun Yasuda a friend and mentor. She is the keeper of the Peace Pagoda and a Japanese Buddhist Nun from the […]

Sense of Place, Recent Travel Abroad

Our family just returned from a trip to Madrid and Paris. This trip was awesome!  We were enticed by the scale and warmth of inviting, walk-able cities.   We were joyful for the playgrounds we explored and were enlightened by the simplicity of daily market life intertwined with world-class art exhibits and music. Upon returning, Rowe (our […]

Danish Architecture: Hygge and Northern Exposure

Almost 20 years ago, I had the pleasure of studying architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark. Some of the lessons learned there have stuck with me to this day, and I am particularly reminded of them on these cold, wintry days.    Danes Know How to Hygge Copenhagen Denmark. A couple of things that really stick out […]

Celebrating the Small Wins in 2018

Eric Davenport, Founder of LEAP, takes a moment to reflect on some of the small wins, personal and in business from 2018. Personal Wins Happy New Year! Taking stock of the past year, I’d like to share one of my small 2018 wins: I PR’d my clean! What does that mean? It’s a weight lifting […]

Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm Tour

This post is all about #ExploreBrooklyn, and guess what we found? A 65,000 ft² rooftop garden, which is the Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm, habitat restoration, and a LEED Platinum Certified Building…just to mention a few.   Brooklyn NAVY Yard For 165 years, the Brooklyn Navy Yard built some of America’s most famous fighting ships, from […]

Permit Set Fires Up Greek Restaurant

Transforming a commercial space—like office to restaurant—requires a permit set to obtain a building permit.  In this story, we helped The Taverna Greek Restaurant obtain their building permit, so they could open their doors faster.    Open for Business Congratulations! You’re opening a business, or moving to a better location. You found the perfect spot with plenty […]

Mission Driven: Core Physical Therapy

LEAP Architecture designed Core Physical Therapy’s new treatment center with the same holistic approach they use for clients. Core is a great example of how smart designs help mission driven companies fulfill their purpose.    Physical Therapy on a Mission John Murphy founded Core Physical Therapy to fill a void. A disconnect. He was working […]

Architecture & the Triple Bottom Line

What’s a Triple Bottom Line, you ask? Simply put, it refers to companies regarding people, planet, and profit in equal measure.    B-Corporations & Triple Bottom Line LEAP Architecture is a mission driven company. We help people better their lives through great design, while facilitating environmentally responsible living. And we’re not the only ones. Treating […]

Savvy Shipping Container Storage

LEAP Architecture designed a quick and easy shipping container storage for KOBO Candles to provide more room for their expanding business.    Shipping containers were originally intended for the purpose of storing goods during long transits, so it makes sense that they are designed to be water tight and durable.  That combined with the ability to […]