Savvy Shipping Container Storage

LEAP Architecture designed a quick and easy shipping container storage for KOBO Candles to provide more room for their expanding business. 


Shipping containers were originally intended for the purpose of storing goods during long transits, so it makes sense that they are designed to be water tight and durable.  That combined with the ability to lock them up, offers security and safe storage from the elements. Shipping containers have been used for everything from low-cost housing to swimming pools (by cutting the top off). So, it’s certainly not a stretch to use one of these containers for stationary storage. Here we offer a few tips for making your shipping container storage more permanent and attractive.


Giving Your Shipping Container Legs

Permanent structures require a method to secure them to the ground with posts or a foundation. Luckily, there is a quick and easy solution that does not require a backhoe or even a post-hole digger; may I present the Techno Metal Post.techno metal posts used as easy foundation solution for shipping container storage

The Techno Metal Post helical pile is like a giant metal screw that is installed by a certified technician using proprietary hydraulic machinery.  The helical pile is constructed with a hollow steel tube and a thick helix made of high quality steel which can support upwards of 50,000 pounds per pile. The pier is augered into the ground until the desired bearing capacity is achieved. (source: Techno Metal Post of Albany)


Attractive Storage

To make the container more attractive and get a little advertising mileage, LEAP designed a large vinyl decal to cover the entire side of the shipping container storage box. The decal features the company name “KOBO” with a patterned background from one of their modern candle designs.

LEAP Architecture designed a quick and easy shipping container storage for KOBO Candles to provide more room for their expanding business.

It’s important to note that this container is not climate controlled, so only materials such as shipping supplies (label, boxes, packing materials) and the glass candle holders will be stored here. Temperature sensitive items like wax would not be appropriate due to the risk of melting in the summertime. Containers can be climate controlled – think refrigeration of bananas at 57 deg, but it’s an extra expense if you don’t need it.

Overall, the design and “construction” for this storage solution would be 2 days, not including the time to receive the container. The container can be easily accessed by either adding a metal ramp up to the doors or by using a pallet jack to load and unload.

Zoning and permitting are generally required. Check your local building ordinance.