LEAP Stands with Standing Rock

LEAP Architecture stands with our Water Protectors at Standing Rock in North Dakota. We have committed to design efficient, yet inexpensive, winter-worthy housing structures. Please consider making a contribution to purchase building materials for this effort.

Donate to the Winter Shelters Here.


Standing Rock Sioux Nation

Standing Rock Sioux Nation is protesting the construction of a controversial oil pipeline that would cut across the American heartland. The Dakota Access Pipeline construction route crosses land that is sacred to the Sioux Nation. If that wasn’t enough, there are fears that a potential oil spill would contaminate water locally, as well as in greater North Dakota area. The tribe wants the federal government to stop work on the pipeline and conduct a full environmental impact study of the pipeline.

Protesters have been present near Cannon Ball, N.D. since April 2016, and continue to be vigilant in their cause. And as House of Stark knows, winter is coming. Which means that the tents many people have been camping out in aren’t sufficient to stand up to the harsh Dakota winter. Warmer, more structurally sound shelters are needed, and needed quickly.

Standing Rock Protesters, Protecting everyone's water rights

Protecting our Water Protectors

LEAP founder, Eric Davenport, was fortunate enough to link up with a plan for providing such structures. Bill Record (tribal name Medicine Bear) has already started an effort to raise funds in order to build shelters for protesters.  The two key needs are community space and sleeping space. The structures must withstand cold and high winds and be movable. The structures can be heated by RV camper style propane furnaces.

“Safety, ventilation, thermal protection, and security are some of the most critical design aspects”, Eric Davenport.

The design needs to be finalized very quickly, and a prototype built locally in NYS. The structures will consist of readily available materials (plywood, rigid insulation), and be constructed from panels that can be easily screwed together for assembly, or disassembled and moved if necessary. This will make it feasible to source materials locally in North Dakota, and fabricate them according to the  final LEAP design.

trailer bed to transport winter shelter prototype from New York to North Dakota

Trailer bed which will be used to transport the prototype shelter, along with some assembled panels from New York to North Dakota.

Help Build Winter Shelters

Donate to the Winter Shelters Here.

You can help fund the building of these winter shelters. A GoFundMe campaign has been set-up to raise $12,000 for building materials. Volunteers will provide the labor for fabricating the panels and assembling structures.

We are reaching out to our network to help in whatever way you can. At LEAP, we believe in doing what we can, everyday. We know that our small effort in sustainable building practices won’t cure global warming, but combined with other people and projects working toward the same goal, the efforts start to coalesce, and start to make a real difference.

Standing Rock is an example of a small effort coalescing into something larger. Something that is making America great again, or at the very least, providing us a glimpse of what we could be. Along with nearly 200 Native American tribes, celebrities, environmentalists, politicians, leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement and other activists have joined together to create one of the more unusual coalitions to back a cause.

With our many thanks and sincere gratitude,

The LEAP Team

Standing Rock Winter Shelter inspiration sketch


Smart Bathroom Renovation As Featured on Houzz

It’s time for your bathroom renovation project. There is a lot of effort involved, so how do you insure enjoyment for years to come?

Smart Bathroom Renovation

Any readers of Ram Dass know the mantra “Be here now”, which basically directs you to live in the present moment. While we at LEAP try our best to Carpe diem, it does make sense to give a little nod to the future every now and then.

And what pray tell do we daydream about? Well, how you use the bathroom—em, or rather—how your bathroom serves your needs. Yes, the less graphic one.

For this post, we are really focused more on a family bathroom, rather than a master suite. The family bathroom needs to be robust in order to serve everyone from adults to children to guests, and adapt as families grow.

Considerations for a family bathroom renovation include:

  • Accessibility
  • Age and ability of users
  • Space/layout
  • Ergonomics
  • Appearance
  • Future needs


Let an Architect Do the Design

When you start taking into account all of the bullets above, planning out ye ole bathroom doesn’t seem so simple. But not to fear. Years of meditating have instilled clairvoyant sensibilities to Eric Davenport, LEAP’s chief architect. With a short interview, Eric is able to foresee the needs of your family for years to come, and design a space that encourages good personal hygiene for all.

So you may be thinking, “My bathroom is so small, I don’t need a professional design”. In fact, if you have a tiny bathroom, that’s all the more reason to bring an architect in. Professional designers have tricks up their sleeves for maximizing storage, making your tiny space feel much larger, and arranging fixtures for enhanced efficiency and comfort. We have used Duravit vanities in some of our bathroom designs, as the super clean lines are modern and simplistic, yet they supply ample hidden storage.

An architect can also weigh-in on the possibility for expanding your bathroom space. Do you have a closet or cupboard adjoining the bath? Well, we can determine if that space can be incorporated in order to gain a few extra square feet.


Modern bathroom renovation in white with clean lines

Modern bathroom designed by LEAP Architecture, shown with Duravit vanity.


Approach for Cost Savings

According to Nadia Sakey, interior designer and Houzz contributor, “People are surprised when I tell them that professional fees usually represent only 4 percent of the total project budget.”

LEAP also makes a special effort to be inventive with materials, creating eco-shiek looks out of common, inexpensive materials. For more on surprising approaches to bathroom design, check out our post Affordable Modern Bathroom Design.


LEAP Bathroom Featured on Houzz

One of LEAP’s bathroom renovation designs was featured in an article by Houzz. Click through the images below to check out our design with frosted privacy glass, along with many other ideas from inspirational designers.


LEAP Architecture’s mission is to bring green building practices into everyday living. We serve the Eastern Corridor of New York, from Long Island to the Adirondack Mountains. We bring you sustainable living technology with elegant modern design aesthetics, and competitively priced services.

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